Cultural Heritage

“Now I understand what is required for a cultural heritage to be a living reality: 1) there mus be a community who knows is thoroughly, has been educated to it and believes in it, 2) some young person who interpretes it, makes it contemporary, actual, modern with a complete comprehension. This occurred a week ago in London at Kingston Rose theater Shakespeare’s Richard III and Robert Seehan in the main role – and last friday at Johannes Church, Helsinki, with our University symphony orchestra and Manifestum quire with Brahms’ Ein deutsches Requiem conducted by Jonas Rannila. Tradition became an experience in both cases” (Eero Tarasti, 2015).

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Danças Caracteristicas Africanas – African Dances

Camerata Latino Americana Presentation – Villa Lobos, Danças Características Africanas (rehearsal)




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Hello everyone. This is my journal of my research about Villa-Lobos’ dances – semiotics, gesture, narrative and discourse (analytical and philosophical approaches).

Be my guest to contribute!

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